Architecture - Modern/20th Century

Status: Active, open to new members
Group Leader:
When: Monthly on Wednesday mornings 10:30-12:30
2nd Wednesday of the month
Venue: Design West (Central Bristol)

For anyone interested in modern / 20th century architecture. There is no need to be an architect or to have any experience of the building trade.

The convenor is a retired architect but still very interested in learning more about modern architecture and she leads the presentations.

In the group we have been looking at modern (20th and 21st century) buildings worldwide and the architects who created them as a way of understanding and appreciating them. 

The first subject we looked at when we started in September 2022 was housing (private housing, high density housing, etc.)

We have also been looking at modern churches / chapels, as well as mosques and synagogues, and the sister topic ‘Architecture of Memory’ related to remembering events (i.e. 9/11, the Holocaust, etc.).

We have started a new topic: libraries, which can be really fascinating.  There are traditional libraries which focus largely on books, whether municipal / public libraries, university libraries or similar.  But also the new kinds of libraries, which are more of a community hub.  And there are memorial libraries, celebrating an event or a person.   So lots of interesting buildings to discover.