Artificial Intelligence

An Echo Dot
Status: Active, open to new members
Group Leader:
When: Monthly on Thursday mornings 10:30-12:00
3rd Thursday of the month
Venue: Member's Home

We meet in Henleaze. 5 minutes walk from Henleaze Waitrose and the number 2 bus stop; Parking on the drive and road.

This group is for anyone with an interest in AI, how it impacts our lives and how it might increasingly do so in the future.

We have discussed the social effects of a wide variety of AI applications including those that are already infiltrating our daily lives, those that are in development and those that are still imagined. We consider the possible implications for individuals, society and whether it is still possible to regulate internationally or nationally.

Usually a member of the group will have researched a topic of interest to them and start the discussion. With the deluge of recent articles in the news relating to AI there has also been much discussion about articles that have caught a member’s eye.