Biography Reading Group

Status: Active, full but can join waiting list
Group Leader:
When: Monthly on Thursday mornings 10:30-12:00
Last Thursday of the month
Venue: Member's Home

This group meets in Bishopston. No steps but downstairs toilet. Bus 505 stops in Kellaway Avenue 400 yards away. Parking is usually available on Kings Drive.

Participants are encouraged to read each of our selected recommendations before the meeting so that we can share our impressions. We aim to pick books that are readily available at modest cost.

This group focusses on autobiography, biography and memoirs and covers a wide range of personalities, eras and writing styles.

The subjects may be historical or contemporary with political, artistic, sporting or literary backgrounds and from any culture or continent. Some lives will be admirable and some not; ideally they will all be intriguing and help us to reflect on human experience in all its diversity.

Selection of eight books on a table