Exploring Bristol

Clifton Rocks Railway
Status: Active, open to new members
Group Leader:
When: Monthly on Wednesday mornings 10:30
1st Wednesday of the month

We walk in locations in and around Bristol, looking at its history, as well as how the city has developed over time and is being regenerated today. Walks tend to be linear and are accessible by public transport.

The walks may be a tour of a single site, a group of places or a themed walk. The intention is that interesting facts will be pointed out along the route by the walk leader. They are generally around two hours in length, with a refreshment break where possible.

The walks are usually attended by 15-20 people.

Group members are encouraged to research then lead a walk at least once a year, either individually or with another group member. It could vary from a short tour of a historic place, or up 4/5 miles with a walk around parts of the city or further afield.

Sometimes we just meander around a pleasant corner of the city while other walks will offer more in terms of historical information.

We are an urban walking group and so most walks will be on hard surfaces. We will warn group members in advance if more difficult conditions are expected.

Eight people looking at information board and view from Troopers Hill