Exploring Diversity

Plate of food
Status: Active, open to new members
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When: We meet on different days of the week

On the third Tuesday we meet in the cafe at Bristol Central Library (12.00-13.00). This follows the monthly meeting. The cafe is opposite the children's section. Other lunch-time meetings will run from 12.00 to 14.00 once we are a good sized group.

Meeting places will vary but will mostly be in central Bristol. We will meet in various cafes and restaurants that offer an authentic experience. Some meetings will take place in Community Centres, Faith Spaces, and Civic Buildings. We will email members full details of the venue with a map to help explain the location and directions.

We aim to explore diversity in the broadest sense of the word. Whilst we will start by exploring the cuisine of different countries we will also look at gender and sexuality, and disability.

We will explore diversity using food / craft / film / talks / discussion. Group members will be invited to bring something to each group meeting. We will share what we know about the countries and the subjects we explore.

Pride march

We've already been to St Pauls Learning Centre where we shared a meal. We also shared some facts about Ethiopia and Bob Marley. We are working towards an event during Black History Month.

There are other events and commemorations during the year that we will hope to attend. Some of these will be in the evening or at the weekend.

Our activities will develop over time to take into account suggestions made by group members.