Italian Conversation Downend

Five people in a kitchen making pasta
Status: Active, open to new members
Group Leader:
When: Fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons 2:00-3:30
Venue: Cleeve Hill Tennis Club (Downend)

This is a friendly and welcoming group for people with a reasonable knowledge of Italian who would like to improve their listening and speaking skills through conversation.

We have a range of ability and confidence, and often help each other out with vocabulary and grammar.

The first half hour of a session is spent in pairs in conversation so that everyone gets a chance to contribute. The second half hour is usually individual presentations on a topic chosen by a member, followed by a general discussion around the table either about the topic or about something else entirely.

Often we deviate from the topic, which is not a problem - the important thing is that everyone builds up their confidence in talking Italian. Often we play a game or have a quiz.

If you have some knowledge of Italian, and would like to join the conversation, you will be made very welcome! We make an effort to ease new members in gradually.

We were attempting to make orecchiette/pasta and ragĂș under the guidance of one of our group members at her home and beautiful garden.