Qi Gong

Status: Active, open to new members
Group Leader:
When: Weekly on Monday mornings 10:30-11:30
During term times
Venue: Ardagh Community Centre (Horfield)

This group is taking a break from the end of March and will be restarting mid-September.

A tutor and two women doing a qi gong movement

Sessions held outdoors as much as weather conditions allow, reverting to on-line Zoom sessions if necessary.

This group will use the practice of movements guided by the breath for the purpose of mental, physical and emotional well-being, following the traditions of Tai- Chi /Qi Gong as a skillful application of mindfulness.

Qi Gong (translated as‘Energy Practice’) is a great form of exercise - beneficial in developing balance, co-ordination, flexibility and cardiovascular and neurological health. Because the movements are gentle and easy to perform, they can be performed by people of all ages who want to maintain their physical capabilities.

The core components of most Qi Gong practices, whether gentle or vigorous, are the mind, the body, and the breath. By harnessing these three together, we can work effectively with our energy. The use of these three components together sometimes leads Qi gong to be compared to other mind/body practices such as yoga and Tai Chi.

We will be sharing series of exercises that can be developed at home with the help of video links and occasional handouts.