Tai Chi Shibashi

Large group doing tai chi shibashi in a park
Status: Active, full but can join waiting list
Group Leader:
When: Weekly on Tuesday afternoons 2:00
Except during the school Summer holidays
Venue: Page Park (Staple Hill)

Tai Chi Shibashi combines exercise, breathing and meditation. Balance typically improves, which may protect against falls. Stress falls away, too, which can lead to a happier, more balanced outlook.

It is ideal for older people; it’s designed to keep us mobile with mild flexing of joints / spine and a little muscle toning, through a very gentle set of exercises along with good breathing.

Sessions typically take about 20 minutes and will be followed by tea / coffee at the Bean Tree café.

We have a friendly Whatsapp group. Non members are welcome to a "taster" session or two.