Writing Family History

Status: Active, open to new members
Group Leader:
When: Monthly on Thursday mornings 10:15-12:30
1st Thursday of the month
Venue: Filton Library

We are a supportive group where people can bounce ideas off others, be inspired, shares resource, give and receive feedback on our writing or be accountable for our project.

Do you want to pass on genealogy research or write your family history?

Would you like to meet others interested in doing the same?

Leaving a legacy enables us to contribute meaningfully to our community, or family narrative, creating a bridge between past and future generations.

The co-host of the group,, author Helen Parker-Drabble, got hooked putting together a family photo book. Your legacy could be a printed photo album including family stories, a recipe book, a set of mini biographies of your ancestors, a memoire, or a quilt made with baby clothes or fabric your late parents' wore. You can make your project as individual as you and your family.

Book with title To Everything There is a Season
Book with title A Victorian's Inheritance
Book with title Buried Letters