Writing for Wellbeing

Status: Active, full but can join waiting list
Group Leader:
When: Monthly on Monday afternoons 2:00-4:00
2nd Monday of the month
Venue: Member's Home

We meet in north Bristol (BS9).

This group is aimed at anyone who is interested in writing, from complete beginners to people with some experience – all are welcome.

Creative writing tends to involve giving feedback to help people write better. This is not the aim of this group. Its aim is to enhance well-being, giving people the time and space to enjoy their creativity in a relaxed, completely non-judgmental group setting.

Each month a different participant provides the stimulus, be it a poem, piece of prose, object, song... the possibilities are legion!

During the sessions, the group will be offered a series of short writing prompts, often in the form of some poetry or prose, or as above. They will be invited to write to those prompts as they feel inspired to do, and to share some of their writing, often in pairs, as they see fit. There is absolutely no pressure to read out your work, but many people find this sharing and reflection with others to be the greatest benefit.